Time to Learn a Thing or Two about the South Africa Powerball Lottery

If you were ever or are interested in the lottery games, then you must have learned about the US Powerball Lottery. The reason I say this is because if you are interested in cars, then there is no doubt in saying that you would know about Bugatti. This means that people are always after the top prize and in the lottery business, the top prize is the US Powerball Lottery. The US Powerball Lottery has been around for a really long time and people have been playing it for several decades. However, if you think that the US Powerball Lottery is the Powerball game in the world, then you are mistaken.

Several countries from around the world have been offering Powerball games such as Australia, South Africa, and many more. Although the US Powerball Lottery currently ranks as the largest game, the next Powerball game is Australia, and then comes South Africa Powerball game. It is currently the youngest among the three Powerball games played in the respective countries. It has been offering players the opportunity to win million dollars. Today, I will be sharing some useful information around South Africa Powerball lottery. 

South Africa Powerball Lottery

The South Africa Powerball Lottery was reportedly launched in November of 2015. However, in such a short amount of time, the South Powerball Lottery has gained a lot of player following. The game is generating a lot of sales on a weekly basis and it is currently one of the highest demanded and played lottery games in South Africa. 

When playing South Africa Powerball Lottery, you are to choose 5 primary numbers as well as a bonus ball in the form of Powerball. For the primary numbers, the range that you are offered include 1 to 50 numbers. As for the Powerball number, the range you have starts from 1 and goes all the way up to 20. 

The draws for South Africa Powerball are held on Tuesdays and Fridays and the players have the opportunity to play South Africa Powerball and South Africa Powerball Plus. In order to gain access to the Powerball Plus, you are required to pay extra but it helps you gain another opportunity of winning prizes from the same draw. However, the prize money that you receive playing the Powerball Plus are less than the Powerball prizes.

South Africa Powerball Prize Structure

If you have read the entire general information section of South Africa Powerball, then you must be interested to know about the game’s prize structure. The prize structure for South Africa Powerball comprises of 9 tiers, ninth tier offering the lowest prize money. 

If you only match the Powerball, you win R10. If you match 1 primary number and Powerball, you win R15. If you match 2 primary numbers and Powerball, you win 3.9% of the prize fund. If you match 3 primary numbers, you win 5.19% of the prize fund. If you match 3 primary numbers and Powerball, you win 6.23% of the prize fund. If you match 4 primary numbers, you win 5.51% of the prize fund. If you match 4 primary numbers and Powerball, you win 3.25% of the prize fund. If you match 5 primary numbers, you win 5.19% of the prize fund. If you match 5 primary numbers and Powerball, you win 70.73% of the prize fund. 

Just to be clear, the prize funds are separate for each tier so the players receive the prize money based on the funds accumulated for the particular tier.

Play South Africa Lottery and other Games through Online Agents

Even if you are not from South Africa and still wish to play it, then you can play the game through an online lottery agent. At present, several online lottery agents have been around that can help you play lottery games through their platform. They can let you bet against the lottery games offered throughout the world. The lottery agents can offer you several games such as UK 49, SuperEnalotto, 6aus49, and many more. Even if you wish to play US Powerball online in South Africa, you can do it through the online agents. So all you need to do is Google for one of the online lottery agents so you can start playing right away.