How to Win at Blackjack

As one of the most popular casino card games, blackjack always brings out a sense of competition in its players. They try to compete with the dealer in putting up the best hand, and they are motivated by their wagers. However, some individuals may go into the game unprepared, and as a result they end up gambling away their money.  Since you are competing with the dealer in every hand, you would like to minimise your losses and win as much as possible. But how do you actually win in blackjack? Read on for our tips on how to master this tricky game:

  • Search for tables where the stakes fit your bankroll needs

Do the necessary research. In a brick and mortar casino, try to find tables with buy-ins you are comfortable with; in online casinos, this is easier since the buy-ins are already listed on the room previews.

  • Dealer stands at soft 17”

Pick tables which require the banker to stand at a soft 17. Tables or rooms that have this rule in place cuts the house edge, giving you an easier time to win.

  • Learn the hand signals

When playing at a live online casino, there are buttons to select if you want to hit, to stand, to double-down or to split. But it is still helpful to learn hand signals for the dealer if you decide to go to a brick and mortar casino sometime soon. Below is a guide to the different gestures:

Hit  –slightly scratching the table between you and your hands.

Stand –  place your hand directly above the table top, palm down, and wave to the side.

Double down – place chips equal or less than your bet and use one finger to get a card from the dealer.

Split – Move chips up that are equal to your first bet, raise your index and middle finger (in the shape of a “V” and place above the cards without touching them.

  • Have a basic strategy

When looking at a dealer’s card, it is always safe to assume that the hidden card is a worth a 10 (either a 10, jack, queen or king).  If you are not sure of what to play, use basic strategy charts. These charts give you an idea when to hit stand or double down and split, improving your odss in the future. There are also a couple of apps on your phone to practice on the phone.

  • Double your bet

Double your bet when your first cards total 11. Split your pairs if you have an ace and an 8. You are trying to aim for a 10 card in this case.

  • Hold from splitting

Do not attempt to split 10-value cards or a pair of 5s. The pair of 5s need to be treated like a 10. Having two 5’s will get you two 5s as a 10, you have a chance of getting 10, which translates to a 20 when you are hit.

  • Adjust your bets accordingly

If you are winning continuously, raise your bet a little so that you can get the most profits. Inversely, you are losing two or three times in a row, lower your bet a bit. Set a goal for yourself: say, if you doubled your initial amount of money after playing, cash your chips and/or leave the game. Try to control yourself from playing again, because it may backfire and you lose everything to the dealer.

  • Maximize for rewards

Take up any rewards program the casino gives. The live casino gives points for your length of play and the money bet. They are not based on your winnings; if you don’t sign up, you leave money on the table.

The Right Time for Joining a Game

You could join in any game at any point. As much as possible, try to go to a table using a shoe. Go to a spot and put your money on the table for the dealer to convert to chips. If joining a single or double deck game, casinos ask you to wait until the dealer shufflesto join-in.

Most of all, enjoy the company while you’re there! It is a great opportunity to make friends, whether you’re on an actual table or playing online.

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