Guide to betting on football

Football is the UK’s most popular betting sport with a stunning 40% of the money betted on the game by bettors. It is therefore essential for you, the punter, to grasp all the important elements of the soccer markets. The enormous amount of matches has enabled the business to develop and gamble on a variety of markets. Many wagering sites provide unique discounts and attractive odds. Here we talk over what you need to know about football betting so that you can reduce the market confusion.

How betting works

The odds are established by a bookmaker and show that you want to bet on the ratio between stake and winnings on a specific result. They generally appear as fractions (for example, 2/1), but sometimes as decimals (2.00), which you like to utilise. For instance, if an event has a 2/1 result (or 2/00), that indicates that for every 1 $ you bet you will earn £2.

Picking a football betting site 

Here is our list of the best football betting bookies for Euro 2021. These are fantastic to establish accounts and use your new soccer betting expertise and you can scroll down to read the remainder of our complete guide.

How football betting works

Every week there are thousands of soccer matches and markets for betting. Bookmakers will offer an indication of whether the matches and events are expected to end in the match, including the number of goals scored, the winning corners, red and yellow cards, and the goaltenders depicted. A number of bookies will be able to give you the most value wager, with unique deals and competitive chances. Once the result of the event has been confirmed and your wager is a winner, the initial stakes plus the odds win will be paid out to you. Below are the most common kind of football bets for you. We have เว็บแทงบอลดีที่สุด for you.

Match bet

The match bet is the simplest way of playing football, where you select the result of a game. You can wager on winning the home team, winning the distance team or drawing. It must be noted that match bets are paid out after 90 minutes, so if the scores are then level, the draw is the winning bet regardless of the result after extra time or penalties.

Bet builder

Betters are relatively new to soccer betting, but in recent years their popularity has increased. These bets, also referred to as the same multis, are indeed a bundle of matches rather than a number of matches. Obviously, these bets are less likely to occur because of the quantity of results. However, they are excellent if you know both sides and want to place modest stakes at greater chances that may be achieved by combining several results, such as the number of yellow cards, angles and goalscores, instead of playing on every single market.