Ensure The Safest Deposit And Withdrawal Option On Prime Captain And Get Mega


We are living in a digital world today and everything ranging from shopping to games have been digitized. There are a lot of online platforms where you can play your favourite games and entertain yourself. However, the websites today offer cash prizes and other benefits on winning games. You have the choice to either play individually or in a group. Such platforms also provide you with the opportunity to communicate with a new group of people and know about them. 

Apart from this, you can showcase your skills and talents by registering yourself on such websites. In addition to just playing games, you can also video chat or voice call other players. If you do not feel like playing any day, you can also opt to host the gaming sessions. Therefore, there is always an option waiting for you!

Safe-deposit and withdrawals

Both prime captain and get mega provide you with the platform for safe transactions. The winnings can be transferred in just a minute with the help of UPI, Paytm wallet, or directly through your bank account. They offer you safe and secure deposits as well as withdrawal facilities. The 24*7 cash-outs and money transactions are facilitated through secure payment channels and quickly.

Variety of features 

If you wish to play on Get Mega and Prime Captain then you need to know that a variety of choices are available for you to do so. They offer a lot of fun features to help you spend a great time together with your friends and family. 

You can audio and video chat with other players as per the requirement. Moreover, you can host a game with a buy-in of your choice. If you are stuck in any problem while playing, there is 24*7 customer support available to resolve your gaming issues. 

Both the platforms are certified through the All India Gaming Federation and therefore, legally approved. These gaming platforms are 100% safe and certified for you to be accessed. Ensuring the safest gameplay of the highest standards, the games available are truly skill-based and function in accordance with Indian laws and regulations.

Prime Captain

Being a gamer, you might be aware of the fact that Prime Captain has an outstanding leaderboard that you can only have access to after participating in some of the mega contests. As this happens, you can see the scores obtained by the team on the leaderboard. The scores are updated around an hour after the completion of the game. The overall ranking will purely depend on the performance of the team. 

On prime captain, the ranking is updated every Monday on the basis of the scores made by the team. It is important for you to keep a tab on the leaderboard as it changes every week. 

Get Mega

As compared to prime captain, Get Mega offers you games like Rummy, Poker, Carrom, and even GoPool. Prime captain lets you stay occupied and entertained through cricket games. Get Mega too has the features to display the leaderboards. However, here they are displayed hourly and are termed as flash leaderboards.

 You can top the rankings either by simply playing or by winning. Performing tasks and achieving success both contribute to your rankings. Depending on the kind of leaderboard you are looking for, the entry fee can be free or paid. If you hold enough skills and speed to finish the games, you are surely meant for this platform. 

Further, the KYC verification ensures that there are 100% certified users playing on the platform. It will help with safe deposit and withdrawal of the winnings as per the government laws.

So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself now, use the safest and stylish methods of payments on Prime Captain and GetMega  and start playing!


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